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20 August 2013

Things Are Changing!

Thank you so much to all the people that have viewed this blog in the short time it's been up!

It's really over whelming having so many people read what you've put time and effort into, and I really get a buzz out of it. So things are changing up a bit around here. Now I've left school, I'm going to be uploading more regularly, with better and hopefully more successful posts. Seeing I'm starting a fresh Ive decided to create a new Blog, this blog is called EmmayBelle! 

I'd absoloutley love it if you could check it out for me, as i'll no longer be posting on this blog anymore. You can also follow me on my new twitter account, @EmmayBelle for updates and links! 

Here is the new blog address! Www.emmaybelle.blogspot.com

Thank you so much for your support! Love you all! Xxx

18 August 2013

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face Wash Review!

Hey Guys! 
This is a review for the Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash with MicroClear technology by Neutrogena (What a mouthful!) First thing i'd like to say is, my skin complexion is normal. Its never really dry, other than in winter, and I never get oily skin, so I am extremely lucky. I don't often get spots either, just the odd one every now and then, and their never big either. However one thing i do suffer with is larger pores around my nose area. 

Its been 3 days now since i've started to use my face wash, and I know thats not long at all but I promise you I can see a difference. It is a gel formulation, and comes in a pump bottle, which I really like! Just one pump is enough for the whole of your face, so the 200ml bottle will go a long way. When applied on to your wet skin it foams very slightly, but not as much as other facial washes I've used. When rinsing my face with warm water I feel refreshened and my face instantly looks brighter! I really do think that this face wash has reduced the size of my pores a lot in the last few days and cant wait to carry on using it!

To add to all of this it smells AMAZING. Seriously! It reminds me just of the Body Shop Pink Grapefruit soaps! (which are the best!) and its Pink! 

I suppose this is going to work differently on everyone, and you never really know how it will work on you until you try it. Ive heard some people say that its dried their skin out, and they have 'normal' skin, however this hasn't done this for me at all. Neutrogena used their MicroClear technology too, meaning its faster working than a facial wash without benzoyl peroxide, and you can see a difference in hours, rather than days. It also won 'Stylist Skincare Launch Of The Year' in 2010. Its from Boots for just £3.29. At the moment theirs a deal on so normally it would be £4.94. It's not a Boots only make - so it's available to buy from other shops too and online. 

08 August 2013

Spanish Haul Part 2!

Okay, so as I thought, I ended up making some bargain purchases on our second trip to the La Zenia Boulevard shopping mall, I got them all from one shop, and it was called Kiko. From the outside it looked like your average makeup store, but inside it was a beauty lovers heaven! 

As you walk in your handed a little basket which really makes you feel as if you can't leave empty handed! Their was a wall of eyeshadows, a wall of lipsticks, a wall off nail polishes, and then foundation etc. The walls were just covered in samples, as MAC do, and then behind that were stacked boxes of the makeup. 

I ended up purchasing 4 eyeshadows and a nail polish, I would have spent every last penny in their but was under a bit of pressure to hurry up from my parents! 

The first eyeshadow was a staple really, it's a matte brown, it looks like melted chocolate! It's a great colour, and I think it's going to look amazing in the crease! (SHADE 123)
The second colour I picked up was an olive green, which has a slight shimmer to it. I have a similar colour in the Sleek Originals palette, but it was so pretty I couldn't resist! (SHADE 104)
The third shade I picked up was a lilac toned silver colour, it's so pretty! I have nothing at all like it! (SHADE 154)
And the last eye shadow colour I got was the most beautiful Burgundy red colour, which is also shimmery. I'm totally in love with it!  (SHADE 136) 
Oh and I forgot to mention that they were just €1.90 each! 

The nail polishing got was a beautiful shimmery lilac colour, it's so g
Glittery and girly! It's just amazing! And at just €1.50 I couldn't pass! 

It was so amazing in their! They were really nice and friendly too! Everything is packaged nicely, and doesn't look cheap in the slightest! They box their products almost the same as MAC do too! 

I'm hoping ill be able to order from them online, as the products are so pigmented, and really are just as good as high end brands. 

If you would like to also check out the Kiko range you can visit their website which is www.kikocosmetics.com 

XPinkMacX xxx

*Not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Spanish Haul!

Hi from sunny Spain!

Hope your all well! I'm having a whale of a time on holiday in lovey Spain! I may do a post about my trip when I'm back in the Uk, but for now I am here with a little haul for you! :)

So far we've only visited a market and a shopping centre once each, however I'm going again in a while so there may be a part 2 of this! 

Most of these items are beauty related, however I'm also including a gift I got for a friend, but she's probably not reading this... But Lily if you are reading this and you want a surprise stop now :') ...

Firstly I picked up a green pearly coloured nail polish, it was so cheap, but I loved the colour to repaint my toes in, and I think it will look really nice while I'm wearing sandals. The make is called Yes Love, you get 17ml, however it doesn't have a colour name. This nail polish was extremely cheap, at just €1.70, I've already applied it and you need about two coats, but I think it's great value for money!
Next I got a eye shadow pencil. It comes with two shades, one at each end and the first colour is a pearly cream, and the second a slightly shimmery brown. I think these are really pretty. The on,y reason I really picked them up was because I'd previously got my mum one similar a few years back and we both really liked it, and it was only €1.25 so super cheap! They apply really well and the best way to blend them is with your finger, smudging it out.
The net thing is a set, it's by Rimmel and I can't remember what the set was called but it had Kate Moss on the front of the box. It includes a Kate Moss Lasting Finnish lipstick in the colour 107, Soft Kohl liner pencil in 061 Jet Black, Extra Wow Lash Building Mascara in 003 Extreme Black, And a bright red nail polish in 030 Double Decker Red, from the Lasting finnish collection. The whole set was just €9.99 which I think is pretty good seeing the lipstick is around £6 alone in the UK. I haven't tried any of these products yet but the look really nice, and I'm extremely excited to use them all! I'm not sure if you can purchase the whole kit in the UK but I'm pretty sure your able to purchase them all individually. 
Next I bought a dress from H&M it was only €14.99 and i just wanted it to wear by the pool or at the beach. It's almost tie die, with pink at the top descending into purple, and it has a zip running down the back.
Finally for me I has a necklace made at the market, by a man... Goodness knows what led me to spending €3 on this... It's a grain of rice... Yes, a grain of rice, and he said he could write anything on it, so I had my name written on it! He then inserted it into a little glass bottle filling it with a liquid, sealed it and put it in a necklace. I chose a pink necklace, obviously! It's slightly odd but I think it was really clever! He practically wrote my name perfectly on it! My mum couldn't even read it its so small!
(In comparison with a nail polish!)
Finally for my friend lily I bought her a leather bracelet in the red and yellow flag colours, because she collects bracelets and I have her one i bought in America, so now she has a Spanish one too! And it also was made in Spain which is nice haha :) I also got her some Trident Senses gum in Watermelon Sunrise! I've not seen them in England, and she loves gum! They smell really nice too! 
That is all for this little haul! I may do a part two, if I get enough time to do some more shopping! 

XPinkMacX xxx

29 July 2013

Summer Eye Styles (Colour Pop)

Hi guys! Recently theirs been a lot of colour being worn on the eyes and I think it's a really pretty trend, so here I've created some looks that are easy to do and you could recreate!

1st Look Line Of Blue

Firstly I lined my bottom water line with Collection 200's Glam Metallics coloured Liquid Liner in '4 - Groupie' and I just smudged it out lightly with my finger. After that I applied just a Black Kohl pencil to my lash line, I made this quite thick to stand out, and finally I just added one coat of my MUA Extreme Curl mascara. This look took me no more than 5 minutes to do, yet I think it's pretty for the summertime! 

2nd Look Pink Party!
I first applied a coat of pale purple eye shadow all over her eyes, and added a bright pink into her Crease. Both of the eye shadows where from the Collection 200 Poptastic pallet. I then used the Rimmel Eye Glistener pencil in '100- Girls Only' along the lower lash line, all the way along and then just smudging it out with my finger. I then used the Rimmel Glam'eyes mascara in Black.  I think this is a pretty look for both day and night, you can really use so many different combinations of eye shadows , or creams to match whatever your wearing.

Look 3 Rio Carnival!
For this final look I swept a pale yellow-green across the lid and blended it out, I then worked a bright green into the crease, and brought it under the eye, only half way along. Finally I then used a purple (yes... Purple!) mascara on both top and bottom lashes. The eye shadows once again where from the collection 2000 Poptastic pallet, and the Mascara is also by Collection 2000 and can be seen in a previous haul, so check that out! I called this look Rio Carnival because its so bright and tropical colours! I think it looks so pretty!

Thanks for reading and please follow me on Twitter! @XPinkMacX